frequently asked questions

What you always wanted to know about house eats...and weren't afraid to ask!

What the heck is house EATS?

Good question! house EATS doesn’t just rhyme with house seats,…it’s actually very similar, except it tastes better! You can use your membership to house EATS to reserve complimentary restaurant tasting options throughout the year, whenever our partnering restaurants would like to introduce more new locals to what they’ve got cooking.

What is a tasting?

Our restaurant partners are encouraged to 'put their best food forward'! The restaurant management, in conjunction with the chefs will decide what they will be offering to our house EATS members. This could be a series of small plate samplings of their most popular dishes, chef could invite our members to taste new, seasonal menu items that he/she is working on, or they may choose to offer our members a full meal. However, each individual offer will be at the complete and total discretion of the restaurant & chef / management team, and will also be provided in the details of each house EATS offer prior to reserving. If you prefer to try additional items from the menu that are not included in the complimentary tasting, you will be more than welcome to purchase them during your visit if you choose.

Beverages and gratuity are not included and are up to the discretion of our members.

Remember, the restaurants are hoping to give you a terrific experience so that you will come back, tell friends and leave great feedback!

Why can I only have a membership for 2?

We are offering our members during this house EATS 1.0 launch, a membership level called a Dinner Fork membership, valued at $159, which will entitle you to (2) seats for all reservations made on house EATS. We will update you when we launch 2.0 around mid-April when membership upgrades may become available and levels larger than (2) seats that will be offered.

How much should I tip when I go?

When making a reservation for a tasting, the restaurant may share in the restaurant description, what will be served. We will help you calculate the tip which may be automatically added to your check at the restaurant. As these tastings are complimentary, we are allowing the restaurant to place an automatic gratuity on the bill at 18%-20%. You will know before you book what an estimated tip may be for each restaurant you book.

Are drinks included?

Drinks and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase and not included in your tasting. If a restaurant chooses to offer, that is up to the discretion of the restaurant, but prepare to pay for drinks and definitely have a cocktail if you are of age and inclined.

Will I get to dine at the same restaurant more than once?

As with our shows on house seats, limitations will apply once you have had a tasting at a certain restaurant, so that more people have a chance to dine. There may be times the restaurant has an event other than a tasting where limitations may allow for you to attend the restaurant again. There are limitations on the time between tastings so that you may not be able to book more than (1) tasting a day.

What if I have food allergies?

Please bring up any food allergies to the restaurant upon arrival. Restaurants may help to alter what is served based on known allergies.

Do you offer Vegan or Vegetarian tastings?

You may elect to email house EATS at to let us know if you are of either food persuasion and we will make sure that the restaurant knows this ahead of time and may alter your dining options once you arrive. Please note: Not all restaurants, including steakhouses may be able to make exceptions on items served at tastings. Use discretion when booking and read any menus they may attach to their offers.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.